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Cancellation & Refund

Cancellation and Refund Policy for StartupVisors Community Platform

At StartupVisors, we are committed to providing our members with a valuable and engaging community experience. We offer various membership plans designed to cater to the unique needs of our diverse community. To ensure transparency and clarity regarding cancellations and refunds, please read our cancellation and refund policy carefully.

1. Membership Plans

StartupVisors offers several membership plans, each with its own set of features and benefits. We provide free trials for all our plans to allow you to explore the platform and its offerings before making a commitment.


2. No Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds for any paid memberships or subscription fees. Once you have subscribed to a paid membership plan, the charges are non-refundable, regardless of your usage of the platform or your satisfaction with the services provided. We encourage you to use the free trial period to evaluate our platform and services to your satisfaction before committing to a paid plan.


3. Cancellation of Membership

You have the freedom to cancel your membership at any time without incurring any additional charges. To cancel your membership, please follow these steps:

   a. Send an email to from the email address associated with your account.
   b. In the subject line, please include "Membership Cancellation Request."
   c. In the body of the email, provide your full name, username (if applicable), and a brief reason for cancellation (optional, but appreciated).


4. Effective Date of Cancellation

Your membership will be canceled within 72 hours of receiving your cancellation request via email. You will receive a confirmation email once your membership has been successfully canceled. Please note that any fees paid prior to cancellation are non-refundable, and you will retain access to the platform until the end of your current billing cycle.


5. Future Access to the Platform

If you wish to regain access to the StartupVisors platform after canceling your membership, you will need to subscribe to one of our available membership plans, subject to the terms and conditions in effect at that time.


6. Changes to this Policy

StartupVisors reserves the right to modify or update this Cancellation and Refund Policy at any time. Any changes will be posted on our website, and the date of the most recent update will be indicated at the beginning of the policy. It is your responsibility to review this policy periodically to stay informed of any changes.


By using the StartupVisors community platform and subscribing to our membership plans, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this Cancellation and Refund Policy.


If you have any questions or require further assistance regarding our cancellation and refund policy, please contact us at

Thank you for being a part of the StartupVisors community!

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